Mind & Body Massage LLC

222 Edgewood Rd NW Ste 204C

Cedar Rapids, IA, 52405

Located Upstairs in the Elite Orthodontics Building

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Lowers Stress/Anxiety

Massage therapy has been proven to lower the stress hormone, cortisol. The Mayo Clinic reports a 30% decrease in cortisol from just one 60-minute session. 

Improved Sleep

Since massage therapy reduces stress levels, this improves your sleep. Massage also triggers the neurotransmitter serotonin, which promotes sleep. 

Reduced Soreness

Massage therapy reduces sore muscles by increasing blood circulation to the area. After your massage, make sure to drink more water than you typically would. This is recommended in order to flush the lactic acid that was trapped in your muscles, out of your bod

"I've had some full-body massages before but this is by far the best one I've had. Michelle did an excellent job and the 90 minutes went by in a flash."

- T. Nguyen